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3 years ago

La Loupe Salzburg - Stadt & Land - No. 2

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Sommerzeit in Salzburg Stadt & Land Sorgfältig recherchiert und edel verpackt, begleitet Sie La Loupe Salzburg Stadt & Land No. 2 mit integriertem Guide stilsicher auf Ihren individuellen Entdeckungsreisen in Salzburg Stadt & Land. Die Herausgeber Benjamin und Julia Skardarasy haben in diesem Magazin die Zutaten für einen unvergesslichen Urlaub zusammengetragen und auf Herz und Nieren geprüft. Damit Sie sich während Ihres Urlaubs auf das konzentrieren können, was zählt: Ihre genussvolle Zeit in Salzburg Stadt & Land. Ob Sie mit leichtem Gepäck reisen oder lieber etwas mehr in den Koffer packen. Ob Sie die Berge erobern, die Seen entdecken oder die Mozart- und Festspielstadt in all ihren Facetten erleben möchten: Mit La Loupe Salzburg Stadt & Land finden Sie die richtigen Adressen. Und weil das Leben die schönsten Geschichten schreibt, kommen immer interessante Persönlichkeiten der Region zu Wort. In dieser Ausgabe finden Sie: Ca. 30 Adressen zum Genießen, Staunen und Träumen | Inspirierende Interviews mit Persönlichkeiten der Region, beispielsweise: Stefan Wimmer & Georg Klampfer, die sich mit Herz und Hand für die Lederhose einsetzen | Gerald Kiska, Kopf der international erfolgreichen Design-Agentur | 2-Sterne-Koch Andreas Senn, der den Gaumen zum Tanzen bringt. Der exklusiv aufgearbeitete redaktionelle Inhalt und das liebevoll, elegante Design wird durch das einzigartig haptische Erscheinungsbild abgerundet. Edle Papierqualität und aufwändige Covertechnik mit UV-Lack sucht seinesgleichen. Ein Sammelobjekt und Schmuckstück für die eigenen vier Wände. La Loupe, ein treuer und stilsicherer Begleiter bei all den Abenteuern, die das Leben bereithält.

© Foto: SENNS.

© Foto: SENNS. Restaurant „What’s most important is the right quality, the right preparation, and your own handwriting.” Christian Geisler „ Perfect ingredients are the most important part of a dish.“ Andreas Senn 120 L.L. SENNS.Restaurant! A name, a statement? What does SENNS.Restaurant stand for? A.S. In the past, when I was in my teens, I always had a vision of opening my own restaurant. Then you work in the restaurant industry for a while and you lose sight of that wish because you realise: all of that costs a lot of money. During my five years at Heimatliebe in Kitzbühel I was quite successful. After it was closed I had to find myself again. During that summer, before SENNS was opened, I opened a pop-up restaurant here at Gusswerk, still under the name Heimatliebe. I immediately fell in love with the location. It took years of work until we had all the permits and the right partners were on board. When the time finally came I knew the restaurant would need a face, a name. Calling it the “restaurant at Gusswerk” was never an option for me. It needs a face, a personality. The guests are supposed to enjoy themselves at the restaurant and they should also see that we’re having fun. Occasionally, the guests will even pay us a visit in the kitchen while we’re cooking. Christian told me that only recently a few people came by and popped in. C.G. Yes, they were colleagues who have their own restaurant. They asked if we’d be ok with them having a look around the kitchen while I was out serving food. Yes, we also help with the serving. That makes the whole atmosphere a bit more relaxed and we can also explain the dishes a little differently. L.L. Between you two you have two stars – that’s quite unusual! How did you find each other? A.S. We used to work together at Hangar 7 – twice, even.

After that we kind of lost sight of each other. I stayed in Austria while Christian was in Switzerland. C.G. I was in restaurants in Switzerland, in Zurich and Zermatt, for almost ten years. Then, when my kid was on its way, my partner and I decided to come back to Austria. I am from Salzburg, my roots are here. And the thing with Andi was a coincidence, really. We met up and had a coffee and we chatted. Then Andi asked me if I’d like to join him. It didn’t take me long for me to make up my mind – it’s just such a great place! It’s Andi’s restaurant but I really, really identify with it. I’m really happy I get to be here. A.S. We are connected by a private friendship. And in the kitchen we each do our own things and we complement each other perfectly. Which is pretty obvious in our dishes. L.L. “If you never stray from the beaten path you’ll only ever get to where others have already been.” This is something you say a lot. Where did you go to find new inspiration? A.S. The most formative time for me were the seven years at Hangar 7. The things you learn there, with eleven different guest chefs each year, that’s really crazy. And that saying came up because all gourmet restaurants are somehow the same – and often really stiff. Thankfully this has changed a bit in recent years, though. We wanted to consciously create a different kind of restaurant. For one thing the location isn’t a classic restaurant location – there are no table cloths and there is no silverware. And the cuisine is more daring, more modern. It’s simply supposed to be fun. Kulinarik & Genuss „Our goal is not to copy but to be copied.” Christian Geisler „The single biggest problem in top gastronomy is that kind of threshold fear.“ Andreas Senn L.L. What specific taste sets your restaurant apart from others? C.G. I think our goal is not to copy but to be copied. We keep playing around with our dishes, we try out many things and tinker with preparation methods. We try never to copy anything, instead we make what we like. And we keep doing this until we reach perfection and then we say: now, this can go on our menu. A.S. And the best thing is: what we like many guests like, too (laughs). 121