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9 years ago

LA LOUPE Lech Zürs No. 2 - Summer Edition

LA LOUPE Lech Zürs No. 2

�� engl. / ...

�� engl. / ... Everyone knows Joey Kelly. His latest TV appearances at „Schlag den Star“ (“Beat the star”) and Stefan Raab’s Wok-World Championships. All those in their late twenties or early thirties still tear up thinking of his singing family. With great endurance and discipline Joey Kelly �ghts the “Hysteria of the body”. �������You practice extreme sports, you’re an artist, manager and family father. Are you a control freak too? �������Well �rst I’d say I practice endurance sports, not extreme sports. If you want so many things in your life to go well simultaneously you need to delegate some tasks. Obviously, from time to time you have to make sure these tasks are carried out as you intended. �������What’s the signi�cance music has in your life today? �������Right now music plays a small role in my life. Sports, my lecturing and my family come �rst.

�������Would you play music on the streets with your own children? �������The Kelly Family’s career started with us being robbed of everything we had when we were abroad and that’s how my father came up with the idea of busking. If I were in a similar situation with my kids today, I’d try to avoid this if possible. �������Speaking of parenting: authoritative or laissez-faire? �������I chose the happy medium. Generally I let my kids do what they like because I want them to have a happy childhood. If they cross certain lines though I need to talk this out with them and pull the brakes. �������Is it true that you started doing endurance sports because of a bet? ������ Yes, that’s true. Years ago my sister Patricia bet that I would not be able to do a triathlon with her. At the end she cancelled because of her health and I made it across the �nish line – with a lot of �ghting spirit and I was nearly last. ������� Is success – no matter if it’s on the stage or in sports – addictive? ������ It’s a great feeling to be successful but to get there one has to constantly work hard. Physical exercise is like a drug that gives you new strength over and over again. �������For you, what is so exciting about the extreme? �������If you manage to do things that many other people consider impossible, there are a lot of positive emotions involved. But �rstly it’s not about proving something to someone else but proving something to myself. �������Have you ever really reached your limit and if yes: What goes on in your head in such a situation? �������I’ve experienced several extreme situations where I considered giving up. But in those situations my inner voice told me: Joey, you can do this, it’s possible, don’t give up now! ��