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The modern globetrotter is always on the road. And their luggage is packed with unique items and extraordinary experiences. No Problem! La Loupe also attracts fans of its digital version: All editions of the magazine are available in the kiosk and it's super easy to flip through them online. Give it a shot and be inspired right away!

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Für Abenteurer und Entdecker La Loupe Innsbruck und Umbgebung 2017 Sie haben es wahrscheinlich schon bemerkt, La Loupe ist ungewöhnlich … ungewöhnlich hartnäckig auf der Suche nach Qualität. Unsere Leidenschaft zeigt sich im Entdecken – und deshalb haben wir uns aufgemacht und für Sie gesucht, beobachtet, nachgefragt, ausprobiert und festgestellt. Beim ausgiebigen Flanieren durch die Innsbrucker Innenstadt entwickeln sich mit der Zeit Lieblingsorte, die durch Qualität und Individualität überzeugen. Benjamin liebt es, das bunte Treiben der Stadt bei einem schnellen, aber starken Espresso zu beobachten und Julia vergisst in den zahlreichen Geschäften gerne ihre Zeit. Wir teilen unsere Erfahrungen mit Ihnen und hoffen, dass wir auch Sie auf der Suche nach dem eigenen Lieblingsplatz inspirieren. Denn sind es nicht die Kleinigkeiten, die uns zufriedenstellen?

Workplace: LEITWOLF For

Workplace: LEITWOLF For the driver of a snow groomer work starts after the slopes are closed, and, depending on the size of the ski resorts, a workday can be between 7 and 9 hours long. Florian Walder, test driver at PRINOTH tells us: “When the engines rev up and when the vehicles leave the garages to take up their work, many guests gather round to look at the machines, their sheer power and size are fascinating.” And then they’re off and the shift starts. “In the LEITWOLF you just feel superior. Almost like the king of the mountains. With 530 horsepower and the wide chains that can simply go anywhere, you experience a special sense of freedom that I enjoy every time.” 66 Waldner is clearly in raptures about his workplace: the comfortable driver’s cab with its luxurious seat that resembles the interior of a high-class sports car. And it makes working in the LEITWOLF a true pleasure. “The LEITWOLF gives you the feeling that you’re able to move in the sort of terrain where no other vehicle can go. That’s a really special experience!” Florian Walder tells us.

The superiority is also reflected in the technology. Never before have slope preparation vehicles been so powerful and environmentally friendly. The LEITWOLF’s modern drive system corresponds to today’s most strict emission norms, saving up to 90 percent nitrogen oxide and fine dust emissions compared to other slope preparation vehicles. “The topics of sustainability and efficiency have been gaining importance in the ski resorts. With our LEITWOLF we can offer our customers a solution for sustainable slope preparation. On the one hand the emissions have been reduced significantly and on the other hand the vehicle has the highest area efficiency and the best climbing ability in its class. Consequently, the LEITWOLF can prepare a bigger area in a shorter time and it saves a significant amount of fuel”, Andreas Muigg, product manager at PRINOTH, sums up. Sport & Freizeit The LEITWOLF’s features are impressive. The unique possibi lity of parallelly moving the tiller makes a perfect result possi ble, even under the most difficult driving conditions. The tiller’s follow-up behaviour can be regulated and depending on the situation the driver can choose between parallel tiller move-ment or free follow-up mode. As a result, a perfect finish is guaranteed. However, PRINOTH does not only stand for high tech, it also stands for high-quality service. In order to make sure all snow groomers can be used optimally, PRINOTH has developed the analysis and advice concept SNOW HOW. A mix of software solution and fleet management, digital snow depth measurement and tailor-made consultation services all the way to individual driver training on the clients’ site ensures maximum performance and low running costs. Logistics centre at the heart of the Alps PRINOTH is active wherever people ski – there are more than 1,200 PRINOTH vehicles active in Austria and the neighbour ing countries alone. And in order to be as close as possible to the ski resorts, an international logistics centre was set up in Telfs, at the heart of the Alps – aside from snow groomer sales the global spare parts warehouse and the service centre are located here. 67