Der moderne Weltenbummler ist immer auf Achse. Und sein Gepäck bereits randvoll mit besonderen Unikaten und einzigartigen Erlebnissen. Kein Problem! La Loupe findet auch in digitaler Version Liebhaber: Sämtliche Ausgaben des Magazins sind im Kiosk verfügbar und lassen sich ganz einfach online durchstöbern. Gleich ausprobieren und inspirieren lassen!

The modern globetrotter is always on the road. And their luggage is packed with unique items and extraordinary experiences. No Problem! La Loupe also attracts fans of its digital version: All editions of the magazine are available in the kiosk and it's super easy to flip through them online. Give it a shot and be inspired right away!

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Für Abenteurer und Entdecker La Loupe Innsbruck und Umbgebung 2017 Sie haben es wahrscheinlich schon bemerkt, La Loupe ist ungewöhnlich … ungewöhnlich hartnäckig auf der Suche nach Qualität. Unsere Leidenschaft zeigt sich im Entdecken – und deshalb haben wir uns aufgemacht und für Sie gesucht, beobachtet, nachgefragt, ausprobiert und festgestellt. Beim ausgiebigen Flanieren durch die Innsbrucker Innenstadt entwickeln sich mit der Zeit Lieblingsorte, die durch Qualität und Individualität überzeugen. Benjamin liebt es, das bunte Treiben der Stadt bei einem schnellen, aber starken Espresso zu beobachten und Julia vergisst in den zahlreichen Geschäften gerne ihre Zeit. Wir teilen unsere Erfahrungen mit Ihnen und hoffen, dass wir auch Sie auf der Suche nach dem eigenen Lieblingsplatz inspirieren. Denn sind es nicht die Kleinigkeiten, die uns zufriedenstellen?


NINA MAIR’S WORDRAP I especially like working with this material: Brass, it’s an archaic material of a warm and elegant colour. Architecture or product design? One cannot be without the other. My personal design capital: Milan – this is where the most important furniture fair takes place every year. During this week, the entire city is all about design. I’d recommend young graduates of architecture and design: Believe in your own idea and develop your own language. On my way home … I like to hang around in Innsbruck after work. Right now I am working on a big project but usually you’ll likely find me having an afterwork drink at Pangea, or an aperitif at Da Vincenzo. I love the food and the atmosphere at Restaurant Dengg. Copper or gold? Brass. My role model: I don’t have one – but I find designers who take the big picture into account impressive: our society, our environment, the media … L.L. Furniture stores beckon with cheap offers. Your objects are handmade in Austria, some are even made directly in your studio in Innsbruck. Why is it wort investing in high-quality design? N.M. I try to use my designs to promote craftsmanship and to create a conscience for the processes, how things are made. A table made from solid wood becomes even more beautiful with time because the material develops a patina and small marks can make it look even more beautiful. A table from a laminated piece of chipboard looks broken as soon as it has marks on it. Pieces of furniture tell stories. Investing in high-quality design means buying a piece that is longlived, that will be with you for many years and something you may even be able to pass on to the next generation. 54 Classics or trend pieces? Classics combined with the L.L. A peek behind the scenes: latest Nina Mair Design. What does your private living space look like? What is the heart of your four walls? N.M. I live in an apartment in an old building in Saggen. I especially love the high ceilings and the balcony. I live with my products. Each room has prototypes and serial products that I developed in the past years. The heart of the apartment is the large table in the dining room, a solid wood table that I built myself. My partner and I like having friends over and cooking for them. The table is where we get together and where we’ve already had quite a few great celebrations.

L.L. The Tilda Barstool, the Concrete Table and the Granny Lamps – your designs have many fans all over the world. What new products can we look forward to? N.M. At the moment I am working on a very special task: Seating furniture for a museum. Shopping & Lifestyle “Each design has its significance along my career path as a designer.” “Each process starts with a ‘poetic interrogation’.” “I am convinced that it is extremely important to be able to laugh at oneself.” “My furniture tells stories.” “I live with my products.” NINA MAIR ARCHITECTURE + DESIGN Innstrasse 23, 6020 Innsbruck Tel. +43 512 935214, Fax +43 512 935214, 55