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4 years ago

La Loupe Garmisch-Partenkirchen NO. 4

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Im Gleichschritt mit der Zeit Bei jedem Besuch in Garmisch-Partenkirchen darf man sich auf Altbekanntes und Neues freuen. Wie kaum woanders bleibt man hier seinen Werten treu, besinnt sich auf seine Traditionen und verknüpft diese Lebenseinstellung doch mit der Moderne. Der Zugspitzort geht mit der Zeit und diese positive Entwicklung ist an vielen Ecken sicht- und spürbar: 2017 eröffnet die neue Seilbahn Zugspitze und überrascht mit herausragender Architektur und einzigartigem Know-how. Das sind aber nur wenige Punkte von vielen – alle, die neugierig sind und etwas ausprobieren wollen, sind am Fuße der Zugspitze richtig. Wir blicken mit offenen Augen in die Zukunft und freuen uns auf viele weitere Besuche im schönen Garmisch-Partenkirchen.


WERNER NIEDERMAIER’S WORDRAP Without … alpine joy as well as the impressions, atmospheres and images of many a tour … I do not leave my house when heading into the mountains. Home is to me … family and being lucky enough to live where I grew up. In the next 30 years … we will certainly see how important family businesses really are. The most unusual place for alpine sports I have ever been: eastern Greenland. With sneakers into the mountains … once was a no-go but has become a form of alpine sports enabled by product development. My favourite alpine sport: a ski tour with my wife Claudia and my son Christoph. L.L. You have your own WN alpin Kandahar collection which will soon also be available online. What was the idea behind this line and what products does it include? W.N. The whole project is driven by our passion. Our partners of many decades made this collection possible. In our magazine WN alpin, we presented the early beginnings of ski sports. At that time, the product was everything and even my grandfather built is own skis. We still embody this early passion and the Kandahar course is just five minutes away. This was how we got the idea for this collection. The products are popular among both locals and guests. We were very happy about the positive feedback and decided sell the collection online as well. The product line primarily comprises apparel but also includes living accessories like pillows. In winter 2016/2017, we will present a great collection with many new products, so there is a lot to look forward to. Our website will keep you up to date on the Kandahar collection starting this autumn. 74 L.L. You have very special brands that are not available in every sports store. Customers can, for example, test Swiss Stöckli skis before buying them in your store. What are the criteria a brand has to meet to be accepted into your portfolio? W.N. There are many factors involved in this. The supplier needs to understand what we are doing. Quality and product value are essential, but there is more: a strategic focus in harmony with our work. And the right amount is important, too. As production processes are getting more and more complicated, the lead times are getting longer as well. At the same time, it is not possible to have as much merchandise in store, which affects product availability during the season. We need the right amount at the right time. That is a great challenge because we can only implement our strategy with this factor working out. Stöckli produces 40,000 pairs per year – so it may happen that you need to wait

somewhat longer for your skis. The customer realises that we are talking about honest work and not about a marketing strategy. The product is made by hand, of highest quality and limited in availability. Sport & Freizeit L.L. Your team starts looking for the best products of the next winter when it is still summer. Where do you find these products? W.N. Most products are found on trade fairs, either at the outdoor fair in Friedrichshafen or the ISPO Munich. We have established a strong network and the many changes in retail trade allowed us to find new colleagues to work with despite greater distances. L.L. What are the trends of the coming season your customers can look forward to? W.N. The trend is increasingly heading towards fulfilling demands. The seasons are changing: winter equipment is not only bought before Christmas anymore but also in January. Athletic skiing will be more important this winter. Everything is possible in terms of colour: it will be rather quiet and muted, though; colourful equipment is slowly disappearing. Smoky, earthy colour and shades of blue will take over. Lived sustainability will play a greater role in manufacturing and production. In the field of leather, for example, the tanning process is much more eco-friendly than in the past. Many producers have begun paying attention to sustainability in their production process. And our customers appreciate this development. L.L. You are a native of Garmisch-Partenkirchen. The town at Mount Zugspitze has changed over the years. What are the development you can think of? W.N. We have had our store WN alpin in Garmisch-Partenkirchen for 33 years and always worked with customers and guests. So we are right in the middle of everything and feel changes fairly quickly. A lot has changed and moved on at home. 75