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5 years ago

La Loupe Garmisch-Partenkirchen NO. 4

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Im Gleichschritt mit der Zeit Bei jedem Besuch in Garmisch-Partenkirchen darf man sich auf Altbekanntes und Neues freuen. Wie kaum woanders bleibt man hier seinen Werten treu, besinnt sich auf seine Traditionen und verknüpft diese Lebenseinstellung doch mit der Moderne. Der Zugspitzort geht mit der Zeit und diese positive Entwicklung ist an vielen Ecken sicht- und spürbar: 2017 eröffnet die neue Seilbahn Zugspitze und überrascht mit herausragender Architektur und einzigartigem Know-how. Das sind aber nur wenige Punkte von vielen – alle, die neugierig sind und etwas ausprobieren wollen, sind am Fuße der Zugspitze richtig. Wir blicken mit offenen Augen in die Zukunft und freuen uns auf viele weitere Besuche im schönen Garmisch-Partenkirchen.

“With our photographs

“With our photographs we want to tell stories – we photographed mountain guides, sculptors and even our own staff.” “Lederhosen need to be worn and they become more beautiful every time they’re worn. They change character and tell stories – then they’re perfect.” “Traditional costume is an expression of personality so I’d say anything you like is allowed.” 120 L.L. In summer 2015 you equipped the ensemble of “Opern auf Bayrisch” with traditional costume. And you’ve also had the Appenzeller Musikanten play at your Christmas party. What can we look forward to in the future? F.G. We are committed to promoting sports and culture because these are the factors that keep a place alive. And it also expresses what is important for us – which is why we support these areas. We are looking for projects that go well with us – like “Opern auf Bayrisch” (= operas in Bavarian). At the time the event and our business both turned 30 so that had to be celebrated. The actors in the opera in Bavarian have been acting in our clothing ever since, some of it was even made just for the occasion. In return, they played a concert here in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, especially for our anniversary. As far as the Appenzeller are concerned the exchange was most important and so was dealing with a similar yet different cultural area. At the moment we have no concrete plans. There are two other projects we are focusing on at the moment: one is putting the next construction phase into practise. We want to completely renovate our ground floor. In December 2016 it will be reopened. The other is my father’s great passion for the Werdenfelser mountain sheep and he now has fulfilled his dream of getting his own herd. So that’s something we’re busy with and in November our magazine will also be about sheep and wool in the Werdenfelser area. Aside from that we’d like to produce a small but quaint product line that is exclusively made from Werdenfelser sheep wool. From living accessories all the way to hats – a lot is going to be created this year. L.L. You said that fabrics are your shop’s soul and you even have your own collection of old compression dies. What colour concepts and patterns will be popular this coming season? F.G. Traditional costume is an expression of personality so I’d say anything you like is allowed. However, this year there is a lot of jacquard fabric and patterns from our grandparents’ time. A sort of retro-look that is very modern in its realisation. A lot of non-colours are combined with flashy colours, which result in a very fine finish. The trend goes once more in the direction of colours, not too noisy ones though. Bordeaux-red, berry tones, blue tones with a matte finish and a certain calm.

The colours are often combined with old, undyed linen. So I’d say the trend goes back to our grandparents’ time and we use the colours and patterns from those times. Of course cuts and fits are modern nonetheless. Shopping & Lifestyle L.L. Your customers like going to Grasegger’s because of the comfortable atmosphere. Where do you like to relax? F.G. In the mountains, wherever they are. When I don’t have a lot of time I stay in the region. In winter I love skiing and when I have three weeks to myself I’ll go to the Rocky Mountains. Öffnungszeiten: Mo – Fr 9.15 – 18.15 Uhr, Sa 9.15 – 17 Uhr Opening hours: Mon – Fr 9.15 am – 6.15 pm, Sat 9.15 am – 5 pm GRASEGGER Am Kurpark 8, 82467 Garmisch-Partenkirchen Tel. +49 8821 / 94 30 00, Fax +49 8821 / 94 30 025,