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5 years ago

La Loupe Garmisch-Partenkirchen NO. 4

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Im Gleichschritt mit der Zeit Bei jedem Besuch in Garmisch-Partenkirchen darf man sich auf Altbekanntes und Neues freuen. Wie kaum woanders bleibt man hier seinen Werten treu, besinnt sich auf seine Traditionen und verknüpft diese Lebenseinstellung doch mit der Moderne. Der Zugspitzort geht mit der Zeit und diese positive Entwicklung ist an vielen Ecken sicht- und spürbar: 2017 eröffnet die neue Seilbahn Zugspitze und überrascht mit herausragender Architektur und einzigartigem Know-how. Das sind aber nur wenige Punkte von vielen – alle, die neugierig sind und etwas ausprobieren wollen, sind am Fuße der Zugspitze richtig. Wir blicken mit offenen Augen in die Zukunft und freuen uns auf viele weitere Besuche im schönen Garmisch-Partenkirchen.


FRANZ GRASEGGER’S WORDRAP Loden trousers or lederhosen? Lederhosen. Jeans and … traditional vest … always a good idea! What I learned from the previous generation is … to always remain down-to-earth. When I was a child I wanted to be … first garbage man and then pope. Dirndl is something … I really, really like. On the one hand there is a basis of values that we respect and on the other hand we want to go with the times and recognise the daily needs of current times and set trends, too. We want to show that traditional costume definitely can have its place in everyday life – today and tomorrow. The motto was also important during our renovation works. It’s the reason we used traditional elements from Werdenfels farmhouses when designing the façade; and we used traditional materials on the interior while still keeping in mind the requirements of a modern sales area. And that, again, creates a certain kind of tension – in a positive sense of the word. L.L. How do you decide which modern elements to use in your traditional store and how courageous would you say one can be without scaring off the more traditional customers? F.G. Well we didn’t have a checklist – it’s a matter of gut feeling – both regarding the product range and the room. Aside from that it’s important to have one’s own, firm opinion and stand behind it. However, if you act on your gut feeling and use it to take a decision, then that feeling is real too and you should stand behind it, too. That’s why it’s difficult to put in words which elements are allowed and which are not. Basically though, we have a big problem with all things kitschy. We don’t want kitsch, no matter if it’s about clothing or living accessories. We want to use down-to-earth and authentic materials. In many cases it really is the mixture of traditional and modern elements that makes the difference. 114 L.L. How were the renovations received by the customers? F.G. We were afraid it would need a long phase of explanation. But that was not the case and the response was very positive, which made me very happy, of course. According to the feedback we’ve gotten the people are comfortable and that was exactly what we aimed for. We want a place where people like to stay and where they like to meet. In this respect we were quite successful and that’s great.

L.L. You mostly hired local crafts businesses for the renovations. Was that because only they had the know-how needed for the works or was it a conscious idea to only hire craftspeople from the region and economically bind them to Grasegger? F.G. We as Grasegger have committed to our guiding principle early – it’s something we came up with together with our staff and it says: We are a house from the region, for the region. And that also means that we do everything that can be done with our partners from the region. A strong region is essential for creating local purchasing power and making sure a region stays attractive. If crafts businesses were to leave, we’d have no more apprenticeship posts and the young people would not be able to find work here. And it’s also the craft that attracts tourists to Garmisch-Partenkirchen. As a result, it is very important to have regional partners that you can contact when you’re planning a project. We wanted a typical Werdenfelser house, so of course it made sense to contact the regional carpenters who know what they’re doing. Shopping & Lifestyle “ ‘We are a house from the region for the region’, this has been our guiding principle for a long time and we drew it up together with our staff.” “Despite the fact that we’re very down-toearth we like to be inspired by other influences. That’s something we find very exciting.” L.L. What is the regional retail sector in Garmisch-Partenkirchen like? F.G. Well of course there are certain things you cannot buy locally. But there are very, very good businesses that are extremely appreciated in Garmisch-Partenkirchen. And it is practical to have someone local to talk to as well. Consequently many regional businesses still work together a lot. L.L. The Label “2964 Garmisch” is made under Grasegger’s roof since 2006, its name is made up of the altitude of Zugspitze and the label’s hometown. In how far is the line different from the conventional collections? F.G. The altitude is not quite correct anymore because Zugspitze was newly measured a few years back and now it’s two metres lower. We have decided to keep the name anyway. Grasegger stands for very traditional costume but the market for it has its limitations. With the label we wanted to show that modern traditional costume does not have to equal kitsch. The idea of “2964 Garmisch” was that of fashion inspired by traditional costume that is still interesting for the retailers that sell traditional costume. 115