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9 years ago

LA LOUPE Garmisch - Partenkirchen No. 1 -

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LA LOUPE Garmisch - Partenkirchen No. 1

76 engl. ⁄ Ever since

76 engl. ⁄ Ever since 1922 Partenkirchen has been welcoming the New Year with a legendary ski jump competition. And since 2008 this event has been taking place at the new Great Olympic Jump, Garmisch-Partenkirchen’s elegant landmark. Every year, on the first of January, about 15,000 spectators transform the Olympic Stadium into a colorful sea of flags while they cheer their favorite athletes on at the top of their lungs. The legendary New Year’s ski jump competition which is organized by Skiclub Partenkirchen also is the Four Hills Tournament’s second stage and amongst the biggest winter sports events outside of the World Championships and the Winter Olympics. An incredible 100 million people watch the jumps from the Olympic Jump at home in front of their television sets! It all began in somewhat smaller proportions when, in 1922, the first ski jump was built on which the first New Year’s ski jump competition took place. In 1934 another, bigger jump was built where the Olympic contests took place in 1936. And in the 1950s the Springerfreunde (‘jumping friends’) from Innsbruck and Partenkirchen had the idea of starting an international series of contests – the Four Hills Tournament was born! An airy monument Advances in jumping technique and aerodynamics later made the building of a new jump in Garmisch- Partenkirchen necessary. After an architectural competition in 2007 a futuristic eyecatcher became part of the landscape: with its particular layout the new Olympic jump imitates its surroundings and with the start-tower’s overhang it seems nigh on weightless.

Tickets for the New year’s ski Jump event 2014 will be available online from august 2013 under! Bildrechte: Skiclub Partenkirchen 77