Der moderne Weltenbummler ist immer auf Achse. Und sein Gepäck bereits randvoll mit besonderen Unikaten und einzigartigen Erlebnissen. Kein Problem! La Loupe findet auch in digitaler Version Liebhaber: Sämtliche Ausgaben des Magazins sind im Kiosk verfügbar und lassen sich ganz einfach online durchstöbern. Gleich ausprobieren und inspirieren lassen!

The modern globetrotter is always on the road. And their luggage is packed with unique items and extraordinary experiences. No Problem! La Loupe also attracts fans of its digital version: All editions of the magazine are available in the kiosk and it's super easy to flip through them online. Give it a shot and be inspired right away!

9 years ago

LA LOUPE Garmisch - Partenkirchen No. 1 -

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LA LOUPE Garmisch - Partenkirchen No. 1

go THere, TAke A Look

go THere, TAke A Look AND be AmAzeD 164 In and around GArmiSCh- PartenkIrchen a great range oF SiGhTS AWAiTS Its vIsItors. thIs ChoiCe Will deFiniTely TAke you By SurpriSe! Zugspitze A highlight: Take the cable car, float up to Germany’s roof at 2,962 altitude meters and let the panoramic view of four countries sink in. partnachklamm For wild romantics: in Partnachklamm (Partnach gorge) wild waterfalls, rapids and rockpools offer a new perspective of nature. olympia Ski Jump Live, not on TV: during a guided tour you can explore the futuristic jump and experience the feeling the ski jumpers have just before takeoff. AlpspiX Keep a level head: This breathtaking, overhanging viewing platform at Osterfelderkopf lets you look far away and deep down. historical Garmisch a stroll with flair, part 1: discover historical Garmisch, with its picturesque streets, alleys and churches, painted houses, inviting shops and Cafès. historical partenkirchen a stroll with flair, part 2: be amazed by historical Partenkirchen’s historical buildings, marvelous frescos and lively history.

michael-ende-kurpark where the green is even greener: at michael-ende-Kurpark in Garmisch’s center you can take a deep breath and enjoy this oasis of quiet and relaxation. Burgruine Werdenfels 794 years old: the educational trail to the castle ruin illustrates the mighty ruin’s and its inhabitants’ history. historical bobsled run Legendary, spectacular: the historical Olympic-bobsled run by Riessersee which is a protected monument now lets you catch a glimpse of what used to be one of the most dangerous runs. kirchdorf Wamberg Highly catholic: wamberg, Germany’s highest located church village, praised for its picturebookatmosphere, incredible calm and great views. königshaus am Schachen Royal residence: in the midst of the mountainous isolation, in this wonderful castle which used to be the fairy tale king, Ludwig ii’s one can dream of a crazy, pompous life. Kunst & Kultur