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9 years ago

LA LOUPE Garmisch - Partenkirchen No. 1 -

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LA LOUPE Garmisch - Partenkirchen No. 1

‘On hot summer days

‘On hot summer days I’d recommend a light linen Dirndl for the ladies and short Lederhosen for the gentlemen.’ ‘In winter loden fabric, wind and water resistant and made from sheep’s wool, is the perfect material.’ ‘A Dirndl with detailed ornaments and special features can require several days’ work!’ ‘What distinguishes us from our competitors, who have their products made in the Far East, are our values and top-quality.’ 116 verlassen so viele hundert maßgefertigte Kleidungsstücke die Manufaktur Grasegger. Gutes Handwerk, modernste Schnittmaschinen und viel Liebe zur echten Tracht machen’s möglich! engl. ⁄ Traditional costume has been and still is part of alpine lifestyle. The first address for buying traditional costume in Garmisch-Partenkirchen is Trachtenhaus Grasegger. And in the adjoining manufacture original costumes and individual, tailored garments are made with loving precision. ‘Tracht’ is what the alpine region’s traditional costume is called and it still signifies a piece of identity, the way it always has. It shows where the wearer comes from and displays their identification with the region. ‘But it’s not a fancy dress or party outfit, it’s a part of everyday culture. Especially in traditional Garmisch-Partenkirchen it’s still worn to special occasions as a matter of course’ is what Franz Grasegger, owner of the nationally renowned Trachtenhaus Grasegger, tells us. On top of that there’s the current trend to return to one’s roots which means that even young people like to wear Dirndl and Lederhosen again: ‘And when international tourists buy our traditional costume we’re glad and happy to explain the significance and values that come with the garments. Extreme trends fueled by commerce and kitsch do not have anything to do with proper Tracht!’ Attractive quality According to the expert traditional costume does change with time, but that’s only ‘evolutionary’

changes: ‘When it comes to cuts and details we do of course follow the development of fashion. In line with tradition we design modern garments that are suitable for everyday life and meet the highest quality standards.’ Which is why the newest collection comprises casual Trachten-jackets, vests, trousers, sportive wool jackets, outdoor jackets, loden coats and knitted Trachten-cardigans. Each model can be ordered made to measure, explains Franz Grasegger: ‘In case one’s figure does not fit into a confection size. But we also have associations and individualists with special wishes amongst our clients.’ Each year hundreds of tailored garments leave the Manufaktur Grasegger. Good craftsmanship, modern cutting machines and a lot of passion for proper Tracht make it possible! shopping & Lifestyle 117