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Das Schöne ist so nah! So echt, so vertraut und so erholsam. Auf diese Art und Weise hat sich uns die niederösterreichische Bergwelt präsentiert und dabei bewiesen, dass Klassiker nie out sind. Haben auch wir manchmal in der Schnelllebigkeit der Stadt die Echtheit von Natur und Leben vergessen, so gelingt es uns hier um die Rax, den Semmering und den Ötscher erstaunlich einfach, Erholung zu finden. Hier kommt man ganz in Ruhe auf den puren Geschmack der zahlreichen Genussplatzerln und der abwechslungsreichen Landschaft. Und wer kühlt sich nicht gerne am See ab, lässt seinen Blick über die Berge schweifen und gönnt sich die ein oder andere Köstlichkeit aus den heimischen Küchen? Aus diesem Grund finden Sie in dieser Ausgabe unsere Lieblingsorte. Sehenswertes und Unvergessliches, das zum Wiederkommen verlockt - weil das Schöne eben so nah ist.

WORDRAP If we could turn

WORDRAP If we could turn back the time, we would most like to live in this era: 1920s Floral ornaments or clear lines? That depends. This is the feeling we want our guests to take home from Villa Antoinette: “I need to convert my home!” that it should return to its elegant roots and high quality – which will attract a sophisticated clientele. We have set up a small example and hope that others will recognise the potential as well. Skiing is a thing, too, of course, but the region offers great alternatives. A high-quality offer would certainly attract numerous international guests. But that would also mean a lot of investment in the place. The opportunities are there, they just need to be realised. The Semmering is the perfect place to… dream. Cold water cure or warmth treatment? Cold water cure. This piece of furniture is definitely worth the investment: open fireplace. My personal favourite spot in the house: the bath house. If I didn’t work as an interior designer I would be … stage designer. If I didn’t work as a management consultant I’d be a… hotel owner, oops. 40 There are few regions that are as varied and fascinating as the Semmering. What needs to return is the charm of that time. There already are some initiatives on several levels that are trying to reach that goal – in many cases there just isn’t enough money though. Other flagship projects such as Looshaus, Seewirt, and Villa Antoinette would be great to lure in holidaymakers. And culture plays an important role, too: artistic director Florian Krumpöck managed to bring Kultursommer back to the Semmering. The festival was able to win Südbahnhotel as a venue and impressed with an amazing programme. In general, however, there is no proper master plan for the region. We have other exciting projects in the region, too. In Kreuzberg with Tirolerhof we follow a concept similar to that of Villa Antoinette and the name has been fixed, too: Grand Chalet. There will be three times as many suites as in Villa Antoinette. And we’ll start working on Hotel Fernblick soon, a wedding location. Here we’ll have a wonderful and experienced hotel manager, Bibi, and we are very thankful for that.

Leben & Erlebnis L.L. You just mentioned it: the conversion of your latest project, the guesthouse Fernblick in St. Corona, will start soon. What is your vision for the house? A.W. We want to make Hotel Fernblick into a glamorous wedding location in 1960s style which still embraces modern times. Together with our interior design firm St. Corona Interiors which has its seat there we will turn it into a hotel for 60 guests combined with a shop. Similar to Villa Antoinette, the location will only be rented out to closed groups. Celebrations with about 110 to 115 people can take place indoors or out of doors. There is a 6,000 square metres park and a pilgrimage church right next to the Fernblick. The location will be very glamorous but not at all square – we want to give people the opportunity to get married in a relaxed atmosphere. The cellar will house a James Bond bar and party area. With this project we also want to find out whether we can lure the Viennese back to the Semmering and that will then help us decide on how to design Tirolerhof – with fewer big suites or many small rooms and a ballroom. Construction starts in St. Corona in mid-October, we’ll start marketing in late summer next year and the opening will take place in spring of 2019. VILLA ANTOINETTE Gläserstraße 9, 2680 Semmering Tel. +43 699 / 1900 7079, 41