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Das Schöne ist so nah! So echt, so vertraut und so erholsam. Auf diese Art und Weise hat sich uns die niederösterreichische Bergwelt präsentiert und dabei bewiesen, dass Klassiker nie out sind. Haben auch wir manchmal in der Schnelllebigkeit der Stadt die Echtheit von Natur und Leben vergessen, so gelingt es uns hier um die Rax, den Semmering und den Ötscher erstaunlich einfach, Erholung zu finden. Hier kommt man ganz in Ruhe auf den puren Geschmack der zahlreichen Genussplatzerln und der abwechslungsreichen Landschaft. Und wer kühlt sich nicht gerne am See ab, lässt seinen Blick über die Berge schweifen und gönnt sich die ein oder andere Köstlichkeit aus den heimischen Küchen? Aus diesem Grund finden Sie in dieser Ausgabe unsere Lieblingsorte. Sehenswertes und Unvergessliches, das zum Wiederkommen verlockt - weil das Schöne eben so nah ist.

Andreas Wessely and

Andreas Wessely and Michael Niederer spent three years converting the former snack station between Semmering and Breitenstein with lots of passion for detail. The management consultant and the interior designer fulfilled their dream of their own hotel and today it bears the proud name “Villa Antoinette.” Even in the 21st century, the gem mirrors its heyday in the 1920s and it is the perfect hideaway for closed groups. The two owners from Salzburg and Tyrol respectively live in Vienna and they already have plans for further projects: Grand Chalet in Kreuzberg and the wedding location Fernblick in St. Corona. L.L. Villa Antoinette used to be a snack station. How did you even find this gem? M.N. Six years ago we coincidentally came to the Semmering to hike. Andi and I were immediately enchanted by the region and then we discovered this house and abandoned all reason. It was clear immediately: we’re buying it! We called the agent and managed to be the first to see the house – at seven in the morning. As soon as we entered we knew: we’re signing! Andi and I had a vision of what it was supposed to look like. At the beginning there were quite a few challenges we had to battle, the gravitational heating system, for example, that looked more like a giant red aerial bomb. We decided to refurbish, and I stuck to the goal of creating something beautiful and not compromise – and Andi shares this passion. Around this time, we also met today’s hotel manager Edi, a lateral entrant and really inspiring person who is extremely popular with the guests. He has been important for us and the house, with him we’ve found someone who lives the house and the 1920s, much like ourselves. We celebrate crazy parties, just like they did back then, we get the Bentleys – and you’ll find no plastic here, only glass, porcelain, and metal. 38 L.L. The health resort was also known for its cold water cures. Villa Antoinette also owns its own bath house. In style of old curing tradition? A.W. Bathing always had a long-standing tradition on the Semmering, the Kneipp cure was particularly popular. So, of course we drew a lot of inspiration from that. The bath house is very large, compared with the hotel and we have a steam bath, a sauna with a view of the mountains, an outdoor whirlpool and a cinema which is part of Villa Antoinette’s tradition. Going to the spa is incredibly pleasurable – not matter the time of the year, which is why we don’t know seasons.

Aside from that the house offers plenty of other add-ons: we can invite masseuses, fitness trainers, yoga teachers, and chefs. Discretion plays an important role at Villa Antoinette, which is why we usually rent the entire house out to small, closed groups who can feel right at home. No other hotel offers this possibility. And that concept makes the stay exclusive and private. For that reason we’ve also seen many business meetings take place here – all of them top secret. And the guest is taken excellent care of, every wish is fulfilled immediately – we offer personalised service for every guest. L.L. Südbahnhotel, Hotel Panhans, Looshaus, and of course Villa Antoinette – on Semmering one can still feel the fin de siècle charm and belle epoque atmosphere. Do you feel like people today long for the good old times – at least for as long as they’re on holiday? M.N. Let’s be honest here, deep down every sentient person longs for a time like the 1920s. We long for solid materials that feel like they might outlive us. And guests at Villa Antoinette get all that. They see the many details and sense that we racked our brains over every centimetre. Nowadays many hotels in the world are interchangeable – but I also think that a process of returning to the roots is going on right now. Many people want to enjoy a relaxed time by a crackling fireplace again. They want to be addressed personally and not be a number – and that’s the niche we serve. The level of service is extremely important – and our clientele has become very international. L.L. After the Semmering saw its touristic heyday in the 1920s the health resort had to fight a number of problems in the more recent past. Today there are several initiatives to establish the region as a year-round tourism destination and restore its former splendour. What possibilities do you see in this context? A.W. I think that the Semmering needs high-quality hotels and restaurants. We need a holistic concept with culture, music, and life. The guests value the vicinity of Vienna and in our quick-paced world it’s particularly important to look at what’s right outside our doors. The place needs to recognise Leben & Erlebnis “Let’s be honest here, deep down every sentient person yearns for a time like the 1920s.” Michael Niederer “We need a holistic concept with culture, music, and life.” Andreas Wessely “Particularly in our fast-paced world it’s important to look at what’s right outside our doors.” Michael Niederer “There are few regions that are as fascinating and versatile as the Semmering.” Andreas Wessely 39